Facial beauty acupuncture

Specialized treatment aimed at smoothing facial wrinkles. It is an effective and safe alternative to intradermal fillers and botulinum toxin. Here are the key points of this treatment:

  • Application of microdermal needles: These needles are inserted directly into wrinkles and specific points on the face and body. This improves blood circulation, increases muscle tone, and gives the skin a fresh and brighter appearance.

  • Release of blocked energy: Beauty acupuncture supports self-healing and regenerative processes in the skin and the entire body. This promotes collagen and elastin production.

  • Holistic treatment: Principles of traditional Chinese medicine are applied to treat wrinkles “from within.” This leads to overall strengthening and regeneration, not only in the treated area.

Visible results are noticeable after just one session. A recommended series of five treatments with intervals of two to three weeks is advised, gradually increasing the gaps between sessions. The effect lasts up to a year after the last application.

Contraindications include bleeding disorders, use of blood-thinning medications, pregnancy, acute psychosis, epilepsy, corticosteroid use, and immediate alcohol consumption .

This method is gentler than invasive cosmetic surgery procedures, leaves no scars, and harnesses the body’s self-regenerative abilities. It’s an intriguing alternative for those seeking a natural way to improve their skin’s appearance.